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All our products are finely selected for the highest quality. At Matcha Sisters you will only find 100% pure ceremonial grade matcha power.

You may be wondering, why is your matcha not organic?

Traditional Japanese Matcha has been non-organic for years. Organic matcha farming was only a recent development since matcha became popular in the Western world. The Japanese are serious about their tea, and as such, enforces strict regulation upon tea farmers.

In Japan, tea leaves are all tested for chemical residue before being put on the market. Even a little over the safety standard would make it barred from sale.

We searched far and wide to find the highest quality matcha that would not only be vibrant green but also beneficial for your health. 


Matcha Sisters offers premium ceremonial grade matcha powder and accessories to accompany your traditional tea ceremony. Our matcha has a finer, richer, more complex flavour compared to other lower grade green tea powders.

Ceremonial matcha is made from green tea which is grown in the finest tea fields of Uji in the Kyoto prefecture of Japan. Nurtured by the world’s top tea masters and traditionally stone-ground into a rich, 100% pure, matcha powder.

Premium matcha is traditionally served as tea, however, since the superfood became popular in the Western world, it is now widely used in baking, as a coffee alternative (matcha lattes), for smoothies, bliss balls... everything!

Green tea has been known for its health benefits for centuries due to its antioxidant properties. Matcha contains 137x the antioxidants of green tea which means not only can it help boost your metabolism, it also improves healthy brain function, boosts your immune system and is great for more energy and focus.

One cup naturally contains caffeine which is equivalent to half a cup of coffee, without the jitters.

Matcha is vegan-friendly, gluten and dairy free.
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