The Japanese tea whisk, (a.k.a chasen), is used to whip up finely milled matcha powder into a smooth and frothy cup of matcha. Traditionally used for special occasions during Japanese tea ceremonies, the whisk is made out of a single bamboo which is hand crafted so the tip is made into separate prongs.  This particular matcha chasen contains 80 prongs which is perfect for Usucha (thin tea), producing that delicious froth on top of the tea and enhancing the flavour of the delicate green powder.


  • Bottom Diameter: Approx.  0.88inch/25mm
  • Prongs Quantity: 80 prongs
  • Height: Approximately 115mm
  • Diameter: Approximately 60mm


Care notes:

• Clean and pat dry after each use.
• Store with a whisk holder. This will separate the bamboo prongs and allow them to keep their shape.


Matcha Chasen (Handmade Bamboo Whisks)

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