Large (100g) Ceremonial Matcha Kit


When it comes to making a delicious matcha latte 🍵at home, ceremonial grade matcha 🌱is the way to go.

Rich in flavour and vibrant green, use a traditional bamboo whisk to froth your tea 🍃in a matcha cup, you can then drink straight from the same cup 🍵. These are great cause they are wide enough to give you the surface area to froth the matcha tea! 💚⠀


Also comes with a bamboo matcha measuring scoop for that perfect 2g of matcha per cup and a whisk holder to keep the prongs separated and longer-lasting.



- 100g Ceremonial matcha powder 

- Matcha chasen (whisk)

- Matcha scoop

- Matcha Chasen (whisk)holder

- Matcha bowl


Value $119

Ceremonial Matcha Essentials Kit (Large)

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